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Maria Brinck,
CEO, Zynergy International

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former investment manager Novo Holdings

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"The greatness of all nations arises from its authors."

... Samuel Johnson

  Client Spotlight

The Bruce Lee Code coverThomas Lee, The Bruce Lee Code: How The Dragon Mastered Business, Confidence & Success, Career Press — Michael Pye, Associate Publisher

Click to view Thomas Lee video trailer about the bookCongratulations to Thomas Lee, a longtime business journalist who has written extensively about innovation and entrepreneurship. He won the Gerald M Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism in 2013 and now writes for He is the lead curator for the We Are Bruce Lee exhibit at the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum in San Francisco. The Bruce Lee Code focuses on the business strategies prevalent in Lee's life and teachings that helped unlock his full potential. The book draws upon Bruce Lee's extensive writings and business documents as well as interviews with those who knew him personally.

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  • Marck Abraham, Principal, McKinley High School, Buffalo, NY

  • James Adams, Stanford University, Professor Emeritus, Author of Conceptual Blockbusting

  • Amy Alamar, EdD, Author, Educator, Consultant, Website

  • Ardath Albee, CEO, Marketing Interactions Inc., Website

  • Yoshi Anpuku, President of Nikoli Puzzle Company, creator of Shikaku puzzle, Website

  • Charles Ansbach, Former CEO

  • Phillip Barlag, Managing Director of Sustainability 50, at World 50 Inc., Website

  • Erica Mills Barnhart, CEO, Claxon Marketing, Senior Lecturer Univ. of Washington, Website

  • Susan Battley, PhD, Leadership Psychologist, Executive Coach, CEO, Website

  • Justin Bergner, Equity Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager at GAMCO Investors, Website

  • Alan Berson, Principal, Pulse Point Consulting and Professor at Georgetown University, Website

  • Rick Brandon, President, Brandon Partners, Website

  • Jack Bray, Attorney, Senior Counsel King and Spalding, and Author

  • Maria Brinck, CEO, Zynergy International, Website

  • Tracy Brower Ph.D, Principal, Applied Research and Consulting, Steelcase, Website

  • Thomas Brown, Management General, Website

  • Marcos Buscaglia Ph.D., Emerging Markets and Economies Expert & Founder of Alberdi Partners, Website

  • Ashely Davis Bush, LCSW, Author, Transitions and Loss Counseling, Website

  • Eric J. Cesal, Author, Post-Disaster Expert, "Architecture's First Responder", Email

  • Julie Charlestein, CEO, Premier Dental Products, Website

  • Matthew Coatney, Chief Technology Officer, HBR Consulting, Website

  • Scott Cochrane, Director, The Bold Mind Group, Website

  • Beatrice Collin, Professor of Strategy, ESCP Europe Business School, Email

  • Peter Compo, PhD, Former Director of Integrated Management, Dupont, Website

  • Rick Conlow, Principal, WCW Partners, Website

  • Mark Coopersmith, Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley

  • Dr. Gabriela Cora, Director Florida Neuroscience and Executive Health & Wealth Institute, Website

  • David Couper, Author and Award-Winning Career Coach, Website

  • David Cutler PhD, Founder, The Puzzler Company; Professor, Univ. of South Carolina, Website

  • John Danner, Senior Fellow, UC Berkeley

  • Kristen Darcy, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Website

  • Harvey Deutschendorf, Emotional Intelligence expert and coach, Website

  • Scott K. Edinger, Director, The Edinger Consulting Group, Website

  • Davis Edwards, formerly of Bear Stearns; energy trader, mathematician, computer programmer

  • Nicholas Evans, Author and V.P., Office of the Chief Strategy Office, Unisys

  • Traci Fenton, Founder and Director, WorldBlu Academy, Website

  • Anthony Flynn, Founder and CEO of YouBar, Website

  • Chris Formant, Author

  • William Francavilla, CFP & Former Senior VP, Legg Mason, Website

  • Jennifer Fraser, PhD, Founder of the Neuroparadigm, Website

  • John Futterknecht, President & Co-Founder, Optimum Associates, Website

  • Jill Gianola, Top 100 Money & Financial Advisor, Website

  • Helene Gidley, Founder of A2Agile and Agile Coach, Website

  • Edward Gordon, President, Imperial Consulting, Website, Website

  • Greg Graves, Former Chairman & CEO of Burns & McDonnell

  • David Guggenheim Ph.D., Founder of Ocean Doctor, marine scientist, Website

  • Leah Guy, CEO, A Girl Named Guy Productions; Editor, Modern Sage, Website

  • David Hamme, Managing Director, Ephesus Consulting, Website

  • Karen Hardwick, Forbes Council Member, founder of The Connected Leader, Website

  • Bruce Hartman, Principal, Gideon Advisors, Website

  • Kay Haas, Artist

  • Michael Hennelly, Ph.D., Strategic Leadership Expert, Consultant, West Point Teacher

  • Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Principal, Annuitas, Website

  • Janette Hillis, Harvard School of Public Health grad., Health Professional & Speaker, Website

  • Jane Horan, Founder and Principal, The Horan Group, Singapore, Website

  • Dr. Jennifer Howard, Co-founder of the Healing Path Center, Life Coach and Speaker, Website

  • David Hurst, Author, Speaker and Management Consultant, Website

  • Yuji Ito, Self-Care & Energy Expert, Author, Founder of GD Third Consulting, Website

  • Christopher Johnson, Writer - over 3,000 articles, ASJA Member, Website

  • Robert Johnson, PhD, Author and Professor of Psychiatry

  • Jacquie Jordan, Executive Coach, Former U.S. Army Logistics Officer

  • Lorraine Justice, Dean, Rochester Institute of Technology, Fellow of the Industrial Design Society

  • Kuniko Kanawa, Kanzashi Artisan and Certified Expert in Kimono Design and Japanese Embroidery, Website

  • Soren Kaplan Ph.D., Author, Inc. columnist, Founder of Innovation Point, Website

  • Jim Karrh, Principal, DSG Consulting, former CMO, Speaker, Website

  • Fred Katz, Photographer, Holocaust Historian, M.D.

  • Cynthia Kay, CEO, Cynthia Kay and Company, Website

  • Braden Kelley, Founder, Business Strategy Innovation and BloggingInnovation, Blog

  • Terry and Conrad Kerber, Writers

  • Joshua Kerievsky, CEO, Industrial Logic, Author, Website

  • Whitney Keyes, Principal, Whitney Keyes Productions, Website

  • Patrick Kilcarr, PhD., Georgetown Univ. Professor and Emotional Intelligence Expert, Website

  • Dan King, Founder and Principal, Close Reach Consulting, Website

  • Ted Kinni and Donna Kinni, Principals, The Business Reader, Email, Blog

  • Simon V. Kold, former investment manager Novo Holdings

  • Alice Korngold, Author and CEO of Korngold Consulting, Website

  • Thomas Koulopoulos, President, The Delphi Consulting Group, Website

  • Jeremie Kubicek, Author & CEO, GIANT Worldwide, Website

  • Michelle Tillis Lederman, Founder of Executive Essentials, NYU and AMA faculty member, Website

  • Parker Lee, President, Compass52, Website

  • Thomas Lee, Business Reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune and Winner of the Loeb Award for Outstanding Journalism, Email

  • Gerald J. Leonard, CEO, Principles of Execution, Website

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  • Robert A. Malone, Author and Consultant, former Dean of Pratt Institute, Chairman of Automation Hall of Fame, Supply chain and Logistics columnist

  • Dorothy Marcic, Professor, Coumbia University, Playwright, Website

  • Daniel Markovitz, Author and Principal, TimeBack Management, Website

  • Gail Martin, Founder, DreamSpinnerCommunications, Website

  • Karen Martin, Author and Business Performance Expert, Website

  • Chuck McCutcheon, Veteran Washington reporter, editor and author

  • Jenn McGivney, Writer and ASJA Member

  • Deborah McNaughton and Melinda Weinstein, Principals of the Financial Victory Institute, Website

  • Joel McPhee, Business Strategist and former Chief Risk Officer

  • Jeanne C. Meister, Founding Editor, New Learning Playbook, Website

  • Thomas Meloche, Author and co-Founder Menlo Innovations

  • Lauren E. Miller, Stress Relief Expert and Speaker, Website

  • Matt Morasky, Award-Winning Creative Director and Educator

  • Matt Mottola, Founder, Venture L, Website

  • Shawn Murphy, Org. Development Expert, Website

  • Todd Neff, Science & Tech Journalist, Website

  • Susan Newman, PhD, Author and Parenting Expert

  • Michael Nick, President, ROI4Sales, Inc., Website

  • Lisa Nirell, Author and Founder of Energize Growth and Marketing Leaders of D.C., Website

  • David Norton, Principal, Gale Partners, Website

  • Jerome O'Connor, Historian, Author and Features Journalist, ASJA Member, Website

  • Paul Ollinger, Former Facebook VP, Comedian, Website

  • Michael Osterling, Author and Consultant, Website

  • Suzanne M. Paling, Principal, Sales Management Services, Website

  • Steven Pantilat, MD, Founding Director of Palliative Care Leadership Center, UCSF, Website

  • Michael J. Panzner, Financial Consultant, Website

  • Louis Patler, President of The B.I.T. Group, Website

  • Christine Perakis, Esq., Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer & Author, Website

  • Michael Perla, Principal, Symmetrics Group, Website

  • Walter Pickut, Editor, Jamestown Gazette, Author

  • Jennifer Polimino, Fitness Expert, Spokesperson for

  • Linda Popky, Founder and President, Leverage2Market Associates, and award-winning consultant and speaker, Website

  • Pulak Prasad, Founder and Director, Nalanda Capital, Website

  • Margaret Price, Award-Winning Journalist & Former President of the NY Financial Writer's Association

  • Dan Purvis, CEO of Velentium, Website

  • Rod Pyle, Author and Space Exploration Expert, Website

  • Paul Rand, CEO of Zocalo Group, Social Media Expert, Website

  • Josh Rappoport, PhD, Director, Center for Advanced Microscopy, Northwestern Univ.

  • Kelly Riggs, Founder & President, Biz Locker Room, Website and Website

  • Robby Riggs, Co-Founder, Sano Sano Consulting, Website

  • Sharon Rivkin, M.A., M.F.T., Marriage and Family Therapist, Website

  • Lynn Robinson, Principal, Intuitive Consulting and Communication, Website

  • Mark Rodgers, Author, Peak Performance Business Group, Website

  • Bruce Rosenstein, USA Today and Catholic University, Website

  • James B. Rosseau, Sr., President of Allstate Affinity Solutions and Christian hip-hop artist "Trig", Website

  • Linda Rossetti, Author & Founder of The Transition Institute, Website

  • Jan Rutherford, Founder and Director of Self-Reliant Leadership, Former Green Beret, Website

  • Garrett Ryan, PhD, Historian, Website

  • Anna Sabino, Founder of Lucid New York, Creative Entrepreneur, Website

  • Louis Scatigna, President, AFM Investments, Website

  • Kristine Schlichting, PhD, Psychologist, CEO, Hopewell Health Solutions, Website

  • Dirk Schlimm, Director and Executive Coach, Jenoir Management Consultants, Website

  • Bernd Schoner Ph.D, Co-founder of ThingMagic, MIT Media Lab grad, Website

  • Edward Segal, Author & Journalist, Campaign Strategist, Website, Blog, Website

  • Frederick Segal, Owner & Operator of Freezing Cold Takes, Sports Historian, Twitter

  • Marty Seldman, Consultant, Seldman Learning Associates

  • Anjali Sharma, Managing Director of Narrative, Speaker and Consultant, Website

  • Becky Sheetz-Runkle, VP, Q2 Marketing,Website

  • Richard Sheridan, Chief Story Teller and Joy Officer of Menlo Innovations, Website

  • Kumiko Shibato, Author and Admired Death Doula in Japan

  • Warren Shiver, Founder & Managing Partner, Symmetrics Group, Website

  • Ernesto Sirolli, Founder of the Sirolli Institue and popular TEDx speaker

  • Beverly Smallwood, Ph.D., Director, Magnetic Workplaces, Website

  • Jason Smith, Marketing Strategist & Writer, Velentium, Website

  • Marc Sniukas, Co-founder of

  • Lauron Sonnier, Marketing Advisor, Speaker, Trainer, Website

  • Ralf Specht, CEO, Spark44

  • Justin Spizman, Writer, Georgia Author of the Year, Book Architect, Website

  • Doug Sterner, Two-Time Bronze Star Recipient, Creator of the Hall of Heroes, Website

  • Jacob Stoller, Author, The Lean CEO, Website

  • Elinor Stutz, CEO and Author, Smooth Sale, Website

  • Ted Sundquist, Former GM of Two-Time Super Bowl Winners the Denver Broncos, Website

  • Marilyn Suttle, President, Suttle Enterprises, NSA Michigan Chapter President, Website

  • Theresa Szczurek, Principal, Technology and Management Solutions, Website

  • David Szen, Principal, Symmetrics Group, Website

  • Marie Taillard, L'Oreal Professor of Creativity Marketing, ESCP Europe Business School, Email

  • Yvonne Tally, Health & Wellness Expert, Website

  • Beth Thomas, Managing Director and Executive VP, Sequent Consulting, Website

  • Jeff Thull, President, Prime Resource Group, Website

  • James Trippon, Managing Director, China Stock Digest, Website

  • Susan Urquhart-Brown, M.A., Director, Career Steps Consulting Services, Website

  • Lori Jo Vest, Sales and Customer Service Consultant; TV and Media Production Expert

  • Laurence Vincent, Strategy Practice Director, Siegal & Gale, Website, Website

  • Stephen Todd Walker, SVP, RBC, Website

  • Bob Wall, Principal, Bob Wall & Associates, Email, Website

  • Mark Walton, Chairman, Center for Leadership Communication, Website

  • Carolyn Warren, Mortgage Lending expert and consultant, Website

  • Gary Wasserman, Ph.D, Georgetown Univ. and the Walsh School of Foreign Service in Qatar

  • Karol Wasylyshyn, President, Leadership Development Forum, Website

  • Doug Watsabaugh, Principal, WCW Partners, Website

  • Dan Weinfurter, Director, Chicago Growth Partners, Website

  • Steven Mark Weiss, Marketing consultant, Email

  • Suzanne Wertheim, Ph.D., Founder of Worthwhile Consulting, LinkedIn course leader, Website

  • Donald Wetmore, Ph.D., President, The Productivity Institute, Website

  • Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson, Author and CEO of Networlding Inc., Website

  • Lauren A. Wright, Ph.D., Author & Lecturer in Politics, Princeton University, Website

  • Taro Yaguchi, Founder, Origami Paper Craft and 3-D Origami Design Artist, Website

  • Phillip Zimbardo, PhD, Author and Professor Emeritus Stanford University

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  Client Spotlight

Chris Formant, Saving Washington: The Forgotten Story of the Maryland 400 and the Battle of Brooklyn

Saving Washington coverHearty congratulations to a wonderful writer and researcher, Chris Formant, on the publication of Saving Washington — the lost story of "America's 400 Spartans" an army of unexpected heroes and civilians who changed the course of history and galvanized the American nation on the eve of its birth.

Published by Permuted Press, Post Hill Publishers and by Brilliance, Amazon Audio

"During the years from first concept to completion, my stalwart agent, John Willig of Literary Services Inc., was encouraging and helpful throughout the process. Finding a partner in the publishing business who will work so hard and diligently, both with publishers and the author, is not easy. John has been that partner with unceasing good cheer, optimism and words of support. He is a rare individual."
—From Space 2.0: How Private Spaceflight, a Resurgent NASA, and International Partners Are Creating a New Space Age by Rod Pyle,

"I probably would not have secured a deal for Rebuilding Empires in such a short period of time without attending the Pitch Slam. Of the eight agents I met, all wanted a full book proposal. Three eventually wanted to represent me. The agent I selected, John Willig, not only won me a contract with Palgrave Macmillan, but proved to be an indispensable ally and advisor."
Thomas Lee, Writers Digest Conference Pitch Slam Attendee

Literary Services, Inc. Celebrating 33 Years of Excellence

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In Memory...
Maki Kaji,
Kathy Kingston,
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David Ramsey,
James Underwood,
Rick Wolf

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived...this is to have succeeded"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I do honestly feel that an agent is a useful person to have even if his sole value is that he does all the commercial haggling for the author and leaves only the higher thoughts to them. There is no use in having an agent too unless you allow him to be as honest in comment (about your ideas and writing) as he must be in money matters."
Diarmuid Russel to Eudora Welty from the book Author and Agent, Michael Kreyling, FarrarStrausGiroux

"The death of the book — or, more broadly, the death of print — has been bandied about for well over a decade now. Computers may have taken over every stage of the process — the tools of research, composition and production — but that final mile of the process, where the reader mind melds with the author in an exquisite asynchronous tango will always be sacrosanct say the holdouts."
From Books Aren't Dead, Newsweek, Nov. 2007

"There are two primary influences in a writer's life: those influences that come so early in childhood, they seem to soak into the very marrow of our bones and to condition our interpretation of the universe thereafter; and those that come a little later, when we are old enough to exercise some control of our environment and our response to it, and have begun to be aware not only of the emotional power but the strategies of art."
Joyce Carol Oates, The Faith of a Writer: Life, Craft, Art

"But later that night, when we were lying in bed just before sleep, I told Ernest that I wanted a piano of my own. 'I didn't think I'd miss it so much but I do.' 'I know Cat. I'd love for you to have one. Maybe when the advance comes.' 'That's such a fine word, isn't it.' 'Yes, and "royalty" is another one, but don't go spending either just yet.' "
from The Paris Wife, Paula McLain evocative story of ambition and betrayal that beautifully captures the love affair between Ernest Hemingway and his first wife Hadley...highly recommended!

In Loving Memory...
Carolyn Reidy,
CEO, Colleague & Friend

"Books give us ways to see and know our world that are truly unique. The interaction between the author's words and the reader's mind has its own kind of magic. In publishing, we are the shepherds to this gift of The Book, doing everything we can to help bring the author's voice to the reader."


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