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Content Coaching, Literary Advisory & Contract Services

"For anyone faced with the daunting challenge of publishing a book, ignore John's sage advice at your peril. John helped us navigate through the complex minefield of contracting with such clear and pragmatic guidance we were able to confidently finalize the deal in days not months. John's extensive experience in the publishing business allows him to cut through the clutter and get to the crux of the matter in very short order. The pearls of wisdom and stories he shares along the way are priceless. You learn a lot from John and he accelerates you up the learning curve effortlessly."
Dr. Tony O'Driscoll, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

"Any author that has the opportunity to work with John is very lucky. John helped me evolve my writing style to be infinitely more effective. Instead of dwelling on nit-picky little details, he helped me get the overall shape and content right. John exhibited numerous strengths that helped to make the book far more successful than it would have been otherwise."
Jim Collins, Author of Beyond Entrepreneurship, Built to Last, From Good to Great and Great by Choice

Writers today have many print and digital choices to choose from to publish their work or employ in an integrative marketing and media strategy. All too often, however, not enough attention and time is invested in the research, writing and preparation of a book for a very competitive marketplace. We believe true marketing begins with words and features intended to enthuse readers.

Our coaching services are intended to help writers produce these quality books...including digital content and e-books...that become highly recommended in their fields and in the media.

Now Available!

You can schedule a coaching session with John who will review your work (proposal, sample chapters or manuscript) and make recommendations for significant improvements. Included is a discussion about the publishing business and your options — self-publishing vs. 'traditional' vs. digital, your current ideas or plan, the proposal you have been submitting to publishers without success (in any topic area), promotion and publicity strategies, what editors and their sales teams are looking for, most common mistakes made by authors in their proposals, etc., you can now book a coaching session dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and publishing success.

There's an abundance of misinformation, myths and subsequent costly miscalculations in the book publishing world. Here's your opportunity not to make the mistakes costing writers thousands of dollars in time and resources and learn vital information and strategies to make your writing a successful venture.

Cost: $600.00

Let's Zoom! Video Conferencing Now Available

Schedule your session today and receive expert insight and advice by contacting John at

Coaching Services

"Thank you for a very productive session. You helped me set a great plan in motion to get published."
Chad Betz, Speaker

"I cannot put into words the invaluable service that John Willig offers. With great alacrity, he reviewed my book contract and offered great suggestions which the publisher accepted. I could not have navigated this brave new world without John's keen eye and vast experience. I look forward to working with him again in the not-so-distant future."
Darlene Corbett, Stop Depriving The World Of You, 2018

"John is a powerhouse of experience with the decisiveness of a drill sergeant that only comes from decades in the industry. His quick ability to sum up ideas, point out the obvious, and provide direction added clarity and tipped the scales on many difficult decisions."
Tom Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen, The Gen Z Effect

"John is clearly a veteran of the book publishing business with tremendous insights into what the reader wants to see, as well as the publisher. I was in need of structural guidance and John's thoughtful support was logical and clear. I now feel the format of my book will serve the reader well."
Fritz Seyferth, Team FS/A

"John coached me throughout the book selling process and provided expert guidance. He's a true professional. I am extremely grateful for his support as I would still be a writer with just a lot of pages without him."
David Hamme, Customer Focused Process Innovation: Linking Strategic Intent to Everyday Execution, McGraw Hill, 2014

"Many thanks for a splendid, professional experience with you in doing my contract review. I appreciated your patience in explaining the many intricacies of contract issues. I hope to work with you again."
Christine BL Adams, MD, Author of Living on Automatic

"Working with John has completely revolutionized how I was pitching my book and myself to publishers. When he explained to me that a book proposal is really a business plan and publishers are similar to venture capitalists, it made so much sense and gave me a clear idea of how to focus the proposal."
Janette Hillis-Jaffe, Everyday Healing

"You deliver the best content coaching in the business! You know exactly what publishers want to buy right now and you successfully guide your authors to deliver that book so their project gets sold."
Randy Peyser, Author One Stop

"Thank you so much for our session. It feels like you unlocked some doorway and I have a whole different view on what my book should and could be. I feel our conversation has changed the trajectory of my project — it's on a steady incline now!"
Susan Armstrong

"I can't thank you enough for your advice and constructive feedback you provided. It was extremely valuable!"
Whitney Keyes, Propel, former Microsoft marketing executive


Have you received a contract from an indie or hybrid publisher and need to have it reviewed to protect your best interests?

We'll provide a thorough review, 'tracked changes' and recommendations based on 35+ years of publishing contract experience and having successfully completed 750+ agreements for authors and clients.

Cost: $750.00

Schedule your session today and receive expert insight and advice by contacting John at


Are you frustrated with "Not quite right for us" from other agents and editors?

Are you struggling with how best to present your work's key selling features and improve your work's buying potential to agents and sold to editors (investors)?

Are you confused with all the misinformation and misconceptions about the publishing business and how your proposal can be of greater appeal to publishers?

Cost: $300.00

Schedule your session today and receive expert insight and advice by contacting John at

Coaching Services


John Willig has over 43 years of publishing experience. He has been closely involved with the editing, development, production, marketing and selling of thousands of books. In addition, John has been the founding editor of the Environmental Quality Management and the Design Management journals. He has also been the lead managing editor and series advisor for a number of professional handbooks in the environmental topic area.

Book cover of Auditing for Environmental Quality Leadership
Auditing for Environmental Quality Leadership
by John T. Willig (Editor)
(John Wiley & Sons)

Book cover of Moving Ahead with ISO 14000
Moving Ahead with ISO 14000
by John T. Willig (Editor),
Philip A. Marcus (Editor)
(John Wiley & Sons)

Listen to Jim Collins:
Author of Beyond Entrepreneurship, Built to Last, From Good to Great and Great by Choice

"I had the immense privilege of working with John Willig during the writing of Beyond Entrepreneurship. During our work together, John exhibited numerous strengths that helped to make the book far more successful that it would have been otherwise:

  • An excellent sense for the overall shape of the book — what should be included and removed.
  • Helped me evolve my writing style to be infinitely more effective.
  • Pushed me to get the title right. Without his pushing, prodding and listening I'm sure I would have settled on a weaker title.
  • Displayed imagination in coming up with marketing ideas.
  • Shared my high standards for the book and was receptive to making sure the book was well designed. He understood the importance of getting the details right.

Finally, John was great to work with on a daily basis. Any author that has the opportunity to work with John is very lucky indeed."

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  • Promote Your Book includes a full-length book review, author profile page, social media exposure to our more than 50,000 readers and more;
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  • Book Club Booster Program gets your book in the hands of 50 book clubs that meet in-person monthly, supplemented with an email to 100,000 book club members and avid readers. was created by Meryl Moss, President and Founder of Meryl Moss Media, a literary media relations and marketing firm that has been promoting and branding authors for more than 26 years through media exposure, speaking engagements, social media and creative marketing solutions.

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"Success ultimately will depend on how valuable potential readers view whatever it is you are blogging about, tweeting, etc., so one of the biggest mistakes is not spending the time and resources to craft an appealing message and content in a very crowded and noisy marketplace."
John Willig cited in the new book Create Your Writer Platform, Chuck Sambuchino, Writers Digest Books

"I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed speaking with you and how grateful I am for your encouragement and support. You have great integrity and a generosity of spirit which allows you to share your experience and wisdom with everyone. I consider myself lucky to have met you."
Rebecca Costa, Author, The Watchman's Rattle

"Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book."

"One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time."
Andre Gide


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