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"On a good day, I am still convinced I have the best job in the world. Even after all these years, the unique delight in discovering a great unpublished work hasn't diminished. Sometimes you find something new and you just say Wow!"Sonny Mehta, Knopf, editor-in-chief


 Business / Economics / Entrepreneurship / Management

  • Rob Fenty, The True Prize: How Leaders Use the Power of Personal Beliefs to Unlock Higher Performance
    See Author's Website

  • Michael Hennelly, Ph.D., Athena's Light: Building Great Strategic Leaders — Seven Years of Teaching Strategy at West Point

  • Lorraine Justice, PhD, Innovating Great Products: 10 Key Global Factors for Design and Marketing Teams

  • JUST SOLD! Bruce Hartman, Jesus & Company: Ancient Ethical Lessons For Thriving in Today's Turbulent Marketplace to Post Hill Press

  • JUST SOLD! Diana Jones, Leadership Material, Audio Version to Gildan Audio  speaker-blue

  • JUST SOLD! Anna Sabino, Passion Inc.: Growing Your Creative Business Mindfully — Making Profits, Creating Lifestyle and Building Business on Your Own Terms to Career Press

  • JUST SOLD! Richard Sheridan, Leading with Joy to Portfolio/Penguin Publishers

 Personal Finance / Investing / Trading / Real Estate

  • William Francavilla, The Madoffs Among Us: How to Spot a Fraud, Make Better Financial Decisions, and Protect Your Future
    See Author's Website

 Careers / Personal Growth / Psychology / Relationships

  • Mike D'Antoni, Tom Markert, Dave D'Antoni, Fast Break: Accelerating High Performance and Your Career Success
    See Author's Website

  • Linda Ellis, Dash Inspirations: New Poems and Prose to Inspire You Through Life's Everyday Challenges
    From the author of the worldwide popular poem and book "The Dash." See Author's Website

  • Dr. William Ward, The Upside of Being Down: How Depression and Anxiety Can Become Positive Life Forces

  • JUST SOLD! Yvonne Tally, Breaking Up with Busy: How Overscheduled Women Can Reclaim Their Days and Lives to New World Library

 Health & Wellness / Lifestyle / Parenting

  • Amy Alamar and Kristine Schlichting, Connected Conversations: Turning Everyday Talk into Lasting and Resilient Relationships with Our Kids
    See Author's Website and Author's Website

  • Donna Hoffman, Decorating & Design Savvy: Smart Shortcuts and Checklists to Create a Great Room
    See Author's Website

 History / Biography / Politics / Current Events

  • Phillip Barlag, The Story of Rome in 14 Buildings: A Travel Companion to Rome's Ancient Sites
    See Author's Website

  • JUST SOLD! Christopher Johnston, Shattering Silences: New Approaches to Healing Survivors of Rape and Bringing Their Assailants to Justice to Skyhorse Publishers

  • JUST SOLD! Jerome O'Connor, Secret Places and Unknown Spaces: The Real and Existing Sites that Won World War II to Lyons Press, Rowman & Littlefield

  • JUST SOLD! Michael Wildes, Opening the Golden Door to Ankerwycke Books, ABA Publishing

 Historical Fiction / Thrillers / True Crime

  • Sola Damon, Nine Hours Ahead
    A mixed genre women's upmarket/historical fiction novel. Merienne's story is set in modern day Paris, with vignettes between her chapters that bring Janet Flanner, the WWII era New Yorker journalist, back to life between Paris and New York from 1921 to 1965. It is complete at 91,000 words and has a similar style to Julie & Julia, The Paris Wife, and The Arrangement.

    Merienne risked everything leaving the practice of law to start her business, and even more when she fell truly in love with her business partner who then left her for another woman. Now she must choose between the humiliations of continuing to work with him or the financial and emotional ruin of leaving him. At her lowest moment, inspiration appears on her bookshelf in Janet Flanner's written collections from the New Yorker magazine (1925-1975); a series that her WWII war bride grandmother would read to her. After writing for the New Yorker for fifty years about pre-war France, post-war devastation, and the rebuilding of a country, Merienne turns to Janet's words as a guide for the art of surviving, rebuilding a career, and finding a new life.

  • Chris Formant, The Sons of Baltimore; The Forgotten Story of America's First Heroes, Foreword by Mike Perry, Army War College
    Buried deep below the busy streets of Brooklyn, in an unknown grave, lie the remains of perhaps the most important yet most forgotten citizen soldiers in American history. The selfless act of bravery by the Maryland Regiment on August 27,1776, only six weeks after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, not only saved the Continental Army from certain destruction, but galvanized the young republic against an overpowering oppressor. The heroic sacrifice by "The Sons of Baltimore," long buried as a historical footnote, is exhumed to remind us of the full extent and unwavering dedication to the principle of freedom that these young men believed in.

  • JUST SOLD! Diana Forbes, Mistress Suffragette to Penmore Press

  • JUST SOLD! Dorothy Marcic, PhD, Crazy Little Thing Called Murder: 5 Husbands, 4 Murders, $2 Million and 1 Wife who went from JC Penney to Tiffany....and One Family's Search for the Truth to Kensington Books

 Science / Technology

  • JUST SOLD! Todd Neff, The Life Ray: How the Lidar Laser Changed Our View of the World and Will Revolutionize How We Live In It to Prometheus Publishers

  • JUST SOLD! Rod Pyle and the National Space Society, Space 2.0: A New Era of Opportunity, Exploration and Innovation from Earth Orbit to the Moon, Mars and Worlds Beyond to BenBella Books

  • JUST SOLD! Rod Pyle and the National Space Society, Space 2.0: A New Era of Opportunity, Exploration and Innovation from Earth Orbit to the Moon, Mars and Worlds Beyond Film Rights to Glass Enterntainment

 Special Topics / Reference / Gift Books / Humor / Sports

  • JUST SOLD! Jeff Cioletti, Saki-pedia! to Turner Publishers

 Japanese Artists and Authors

  • The Nikoli Puzzle Company, Japan
    Nikoli is the world's leading puzzle and game development company based in Japan. Nikoli published the first puzzle magazine in 1980 and has developed more that 200 original puzzles. Nikoli puzzles are used by Sony and over 100 media outlets worldwide in newspapers and magazines. Nikoli and its founder, Maki Kaji named the popular number puzzle Sudoku and has published numerous books and calendars on Sudoku with Workman Publishers. In 2008 they launched a new series of puzzle books with Sterling Publishers introducing new puzzle games such as slitherlink, heyawake, masyu, nurikabe, slitherlink and many more. See the company's Website.

  • Kuniko Kanawa, The Art of Japanese Kanzashi Design
    "Atelier Kanawa" means "the studio to produce Japanese harmony and peace" and it is run by Kuniko Kanawa, a professional Tsumami Kanzashi artisan and certified Kimono consultant whose work appears at the Japanese American National Museum. Through intensive training by one of only five master Kanzashi artisans in Japan, Kuniko's passion to preserve this beautiful traditional art and crafts has led to her working on her book in part as a memorial for her master trainer. It introduces the authentic Tsumami Kanzashi as well as the modern Kanzashi focusing of how to preserve this traditional art and culture. Kuniko's art, hairpins, and jewelry can be viewed at her website and will be the basis of her new book and crafts kit.

  • Masaki Sato, President of Sato Seni and award-winning fashion designer introducing the world's thinnest mohair to create one-of-a-kind accessories and crafts. With new offices in New York, Sato Seni's yarn creations are being introduced (and brought) by the world's top fashion design firms and brands. Our new crafts book and kit will reflect Masaki's innovative approach and designs using elegant mohair produced by his company. See the company's Website.

  • JUST SOLD! The Editors at the Nikoli Puzzle Company, Animal Mazes and Puzzles, to Workman Publishers

  • JUST SOLD! Taro Yaguchi, Origami City

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John with Maki Kaji, the father of Sudoku
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