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  Client Spotlight

Shawn Murphy and The Optimistic Workplace

Congratulations to Shawn, co-founder of the leadership blog and website on the publication of his first book, The Optimistic Workplace and to his senior editor at AMACOM Books, Stephen Power, on their successful collaboration!

 Fall 2016/2017 Releases

*Gateway to Best Award, 2016*
*Chatelaine Awards, First in Category*

Mistress Suffragette cover

Mistress Suffragette
by Diana Forbes
Penmore Press

The Essential Social Media Handbook cover

The Essential Social Media Handbook
by Gail Martin
Career Press

Leadership Material cover

Leadership Material
by Diana Jones
Nicholas Brealey/Hachette

Johan Willig with Diana Jones holder her book Leadershipo Material

Diana Jones and John celebrating Leadership Material at Bryant Park, NYC

Fearless at Work cover

Fearless at Work
by Molly Fletcher
Fearless at Work  speaker-blue
Brilliance Audio

The Cell cover

The Cell
by Josh Rappoport
BenBella Books

The Little Book of Inner Peace cover

The Little Book of Inner Peace
by Ashley Davis Bush
Octopus/Hachette UK

The Fearless Path cover

The Fearless Path
by Leah Guy
New Page Books

Thriving in the Gig Economy cover

Thriving in the Gig Economy
by Marion McGovern
Career Press

Life After the Diagnosis cover

Life After the Diagnosis
by Steve Pantilant, M.D.
DeCapo/Hachette Publishers

Giant Logic Puzzles for Geniuses cover

Giant Logic Puzzles for Geniuses
by Nikoli Puzzle Co.
Sterling Publishers

Mastering Digital Business cover

Mastering Digital Business
by Nicholas Evans, BCS
The British Computing Society

*Business Best Seller*

The Future Workplace Experience cover

The Future Workplace Experience
by Jeanne Meister and Kevin Mulcahy

The Sales Leader's Problem Solver cover

The Sales Leader's Problem Solver
by Suzanne Paling
Career Press
The Sales Leader's Problem Solver  speaker-blue
Brilliance Audio

Blueprint for a BattleStar cover

Blueprint for a BattleStar
by Rod Pyle
Sterling Publishers and Carleton (UK)

*Best Spaceflight and History Book*

Amazing Stories of the Space Age cover

Amazing Stories of the Space Age
by Rod Pyle
Prometheus Books

Beer FAQ cover

Beer FAQ
by Jeff Cioletti
Backbeat Books, Hal Leonard

Sudoku 2017 Page-A-Day Calendar cover

Sudoku 2017 Page-A-Day Calendar
by Nikoli Puzzle Company, Japan
Workman Publishing

Leading the Unleadable cover

Leading the Unleadable
by Allan Willett

Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar cover

Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar
by Phillip Barlag

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 Fall 2015/2016 Releases

Launching to Leading cover

Launching to Leading
by Ken Rutsky
Morgan James

Major Taylor cover

Major Taylor
by Conrad and Terry Kerber
Skyhorse Publishing

John Lennon vs. The U.S.A. cover

John Lennon vs. The U.S.A.
by Leon Wildes
Ankerwycke Books, ABA Publishing

*NASDAQ Book of the Month*
*Amazon Top New Release*

Make Your Own Waves cover

Make Your Own Waves
by Louis Patler

DoubleTalk cover

Doubletalk: The Language, Code, and Jargon of a Presidential Election
by Chuck McCutcheon and David Marks
ForeEdge, UPNE, ebook

The Art of Opportunity cover

The Art of Opportunity
by Parker Lee, Matt Morasky, Marc Sniukas
John Wiley & Sons

Charting Change cover

Charting Change
by Braden Kelley
Palgrave MacMillan

Top 30 Business Book 2016

Winning the Brain Game cover

Winning the Brain Game
by Matt May

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation cover

7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation
by Michael Perla and Warren Shiver
Palgrave MacMillan

Hope and Healing for Transcending Loss cover

Hope and Healing for Transcending Loss
by Ashley Bush
Conari Press

Driving Demand cover

Driving Demand
by Carlos Hidalgo
Palgrave MacMillan

A Year of Drinking Adventurously cover

A Year of Drinking Adventurously
by Jeff Cioletti
Turner Publishing

Shingo Research Award

Building the FIT Organization cover

Building the FIT Organization
by Dan Markovitz

Top 30 Business Book

The Optimistic Workplace cover

The Optimistic Workplace
by Shawn Murphy

Everyday Healing

Everyday Healing
by Janette Hillis-Jaffe
New Page Books

Sudoku 2016 Page-A-Day Notepad & Calendar cover

Sudoku 2016 Page-A-Day
Notepad & Calendar

by Editors at Nikoli
Workman Publishers

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 Fall 2014/2015 Releases

Top 30 Business Book

Persuasion Equation cover

Persuasion Equation
by Mark Rodgers

Top 30 Business Book

Learning to Succeed cover

Learning to Succeed
by Jason Wingard

The Other 'F' Word cover

The Other 'F' Word
by John Danner & Mark Coopersmith
John Wiley & Sons
The Other 'F' Word  speaker-blue
Brilliance Audio

Marketing Above the Noise cover

Marketing Above the Noise
by Linda Popky

Digital Relevance cover

Digital Relevance
by Ardath Albee
Palgrave MacMillan

Washington Post

The Hidden Leader cover

The Hidden Leader
by Scott Edinger & Laurie Sain

The Scorecard Solution cover

The Scorecard Solution
by Dan King

*Best Business Book Winner*

Rebuilding Empires cover

Rebuilding Empires
by Thomas Lee
Palgrave MacMillan


A Higher Bid cover

A Higher Bid
by Kathy Kingston
John Wiley & Sons

Simple-Self Care for Therapists cover

Simple Self-Care for Therapists
by Ashley Davis Bush
W. W. Norton & Company

Shingo Research Award

Customer Focused Process Innovation cover

Customer Focused Process Innovation
by David Hamme

*Inc. Magazine*
Top 10 Books of 2014

The Gen Z Effect cover

The Gen Z Effect
by Tom Kolopoulos
and Dan Knedsen

Sell Local, Think Global cover

Sell Local, Think Global
by Olga Mizrah
Career Press

Destined to Lead cover

Destined to Lead
by Karol Wasylyshyn, Psy.D
Palgrave MacMillan

Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work cover

Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work
by Tracy Brower

Risk Management for Trading cover

Risk Management in Trading
by Davis Edwards
John Wiley & Sons

2015 Dash Calendar cover

2015 Dash Calendar
by Linda Ellis

*Business Best Seller*

A Winner's Guide to Negotiation cover

A Winner's Guide to Negotiating
by Molly Fletcher
A Winner's Guide to Negotiating  speaker-blue
Brilliance Audio

Dog Whistles, Walk-Backs, and Washington Handshakes cover

Dog Whistles, Walk-Backs,
and Washington Handshakes

by Chuck McCutcheon and David Mark
ForeEdge Books, UPNE

Sudoku Page-a-Day Notepad and 2015 Calendar cover

Sudoku Page-a-Day Notepad
and 2015 Calendar

by Nikoli

*Selection of *
C Suite Book Club

The Mindful Marketer cover

The Mindful Marketer
by Lisa Nirell
Palgrave MacMillan

*Top Ten Science and Tech*
The Guardian Observer

Curiosity cover

by Rod Pyle

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 Fall 2013/2014 Releases

Shingo Research Award

Value Stream Mapping cover

Value Stream Mapping
by Karen Martin & Michael Osterling

The Art of War for Small Business cover

The Art of War for Small Business
by Becky Sheetz-Runkle

*Best Business Book*
Small Business Trends

The Tech Entrepreneur's Survival Guide cover

The Tech Entrepreneur's Survival Guide
by Bernd Schoner, PhD

Innovation the NASA Way cover

Innovation the NASA Way
by Rod Pyle

Competitive Intelligence for Dummies cover

Competitive Intelligence for Dummies
by James Underwood
John Wiley & Sons

Major Taylor: A Forgotten Legend cover

Major Taylor
by Conrad and Terry Kerber

Success on Your Own Terms cover

Success on Your Own Terms
by James Rosseau
Career Press

Mastering Strategic Risk cover

Mastering Strategic Risk
by Joel McPhee
John Wiley & Sons

Investing in Energy cover

Investing in Energy
by Michael Thomsett
Palgrave MacMillan

Future Jobs cover

Future Jobs
by Edward Gordon

Leading with Your Legacy in Mind cover

Leading with Your Legacy in Mind
by Andrew Thorn

How Asian Women Lead cover

How Asian Women Lead
by Jane Horan
Palgrave MacMillan

A Better World Inc. cover

A Better World Inc.
by Alice Korngold
Palgrave MacMillan

SuperStar Customer Service cover

SuperStar Customer Service
by Rick Conway and Doug Watsabaugh
Career Press

Second Stage Entrepreneurship cover

Second Stage Entrepreneurship
by Dan Weinfurter
Palgrave MacMillan

*Strategy & Business*
Top Book 2014

*Top Management Book 2013*

Joy Inc. cover

Joy, Inc.
by Richard Sheridan

Richard Sheridan with Joy Inc. book in hand

John Willig with Richard Sheridan

Restoring Valor cover

Restoring Valor
by Doug Sterner

Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way cover

Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way
by Bruce Rosenstein
Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way  speaker-blue
Brilliance Audio

*Top 100 Influential Books:*
Masters in Communication

Highly Recommended cover

Highly Recommended
by Paul Rand

Small Business for Big Thinkers cover

Small Business for Big Thinkers
by Cynthia Kay
Career Press

Energy Investing Demystified cover

Energy Investing Demystified
by Davis Edwards

75 Habits for a Happy Marriage cover

75 Habits for a Happy Marriage
by Ashley Davis Bush and Daniel Bush, Ph.D.

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 Fall 2012/2013 Releases

Options for Swing Trading cover

Options for Swing Trading
by Michael Thomsett
Palgrave MacMillan

Taking Your Team to the Top cover

Taking Your Team to the Top
by Ted Sundquist

Superstar Sales cover

Superstar Sales
by Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh
Career Press

5 Minutes to Stress Relief cover

5 Minutes to Stress Relief
by Lauren E. Miller
Career Press

SuperStar Leadership cover

SuperStar Leadership
by Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh
Career Press

Options for Risk-Free Portfolios cover

Options for Risk-Free Portfolios
by Michael Thomsett
Palgrave MacMillan

Divine Intuition cover

Divine Intuition
by Lynn Robinson
Jossey Bass Publishers

Leadership Conversations cover

Leadership Conversations
by Alan Berson and Dick Steiglit
Jossey Bass Publishers

*Amazon Bestseller*
Readers Favorite International Gold Book Award
Gold Nautilus Book Award
Benjamin Franklin Silver Award
ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist

Your Ultimate Life Plan cover

Your Ultimate Life Plan
by Jennifer Howard
New Page Books

Shingo Research Award

The Outstanding Organization cover

The Outstanding Organization
by Karen Martin


Custom Nation cover

Custom Nation
by Anthony and Emily Flynn
BenBella Books

Propel cover

by Whitney Keyes
Career Press

Top Business Book

The Laws of Subtraction cover

The Laws of Subtraction
by Matthew May

Recycled Robots cover

Recycled Robots
by Robert Malone

Sudoku 2013 Page-A-Day Calendar cover

Sudoku 2013 Page-A-Day Calendar
by Nikoli Puzzle Company
Workman Publishing Company

Wall Street Journal

Networking is Dead cover

Networking is Dead
by Melissa G. Wilson and Larry Mohl
BenBella Books

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 Fall 2011/2012 Releases

*2012 Best Books*
Strategy and Business

Brand Real cover

Brand Real
by Laurence Vincent

Adrenaline Nation cover

Adrenaline Nation
by Peter McCarthy
Smart Publications

Praying Through the Early Years cover

Praying Through the Early Years
by Jennifer Polimino and Carolyn Warren
Regal Books

Beat Overeating Now! cover

Beat Overeating Now!
by Scott Isaacs
Fairwinds Press/Quayside

Destination Mars cover

Destination Mars
by Rod Pyle

From Where I Stand cover

From Where I Stand
by Melodie Homer
Langdon Street Press

Boundless Potential cover

Boundless Potential
by Mark Walton

*2012 Best Books*
Strategy and Business

Cloud Surfing cover

Cloud Surfing
by Thomas Koulopolus

Ownership Thinking cover

Ownership Thinking
by Brad Hams

The New Ecology of Leadership cover

The New Ecology of Leadership
by David Hurst
Columbia University Press

Rules of the Hunt cover

Rules of the Hunt
by Michael Johnson

Good Products, Bad Products cover

Good Products, Bad Products
by James L. Adams

Deemer on Technical Analysis cover

Deemer on Technical Analysis
by Walter Deemer
and Susan Cragin

The Business of the Best cover

The Business of Being the Best
by Molly Fletcher
Jossey Bass Publishers

Behind the Executive Door cover

Behind the Executive Door
by Karol Wasylyshyn, Psy.D.
Springer Business and Science

30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success cover

30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success
by Gail Martin
Career Press

The Big Book of Visual Sudoku cover

The Big Book of Visual Sudoku
by Maki Kaji and the Nikoli Puzzle Company

*Top Business Book 2011*
Washington Post,
Shanghai Daily

The 11 Laws of Likability cover

The 11 Laws of Likability
by Michelle Tillis Lederman

I Wish I'd Known That Earlier in My Career cover

I Wish I'd Known That Earlier in My Career
by Jane Horan
John Wiley & Sons

*Aspire Magazine*
Top Ten Book

Live Your Dash cover

Live Your Dash
by Linda Ellis
Sterling Publishers

Linda Ellis and John Willig photo
Linda Ellis and John Willig
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"According to a recent Pew Research study, nearly 90% of e-book readers continue to read physical volumes. The two forms seem to serve different purposes. Having survived 500 years of technological upheaval, Gutenberg's invention may withstand the digital onslaught as well. There's something about a crisply printed, tightly bound book that we don't seem eager to let go."
 — Nicholas Carr, "Don't Burn Your Books—Print Is Here to Stay," Wall St. Journal, Jan. 2013

Create Your Writer Platform cover
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"Good books are friends who are always ready to talk to us."
 — Fortune Cookie Wisdom





"I looked everywhere for peace, but the only place I could find it was in a corner with a book."
 — Thomas Kempis, (1380-1471) ...with special thanks to the editors at DeCapo, Perseus for their calendar celebrating the 50th anniversary of DeCapo Press



"Writers believe in the patterns their words make which they hope and trust add up to ideas, to stories, to truth."
 — Julian Barnes, author of Levels of Life and other precious gifts



"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do."
 — Thomas Jefferson



"The best book, like the best speech, will do it all — make you laugh, think, cry and cheer — preferably in that order."
 — Madeleine Albright, Author and former Secretary of State



"Publishers don't just print books, they develop them. Without the invaluable dialogue between author and editor, many books would never be worth reading. Discussions of e-book economics often neglect the cost of this development."
 — Michael Fine, New York Times



"Writing is something of a paradox; it is a solitary passion, yet its success invariably depends on the insights, support, hard work, and enthusiasm of other people."
 — Michael Panzner, Financial Armageddon, 2007, one of the first authors and books to correctly predict 'The Great Recession'



You founded a publishing house for artists...why?

"It's a way of exploring. Editing is not unlike the movies. The best books, just like the best movies, are a collaboration. They're only as good as the compromises made between the artists involved."
 — Viggo Mortensen, Time Magazine, Dec. 29th 2008



"Sixty years ago I knew everything; now I know nothing — education is the progressive discovery of our ignorance."
 — Will Durant



"The industry does follow trends to pursue growth, but when it comes to acquisitions, methods have not changed much in hundreds of years, says Al Greco, a professor of marketing at Fordham University. It's the way this business has run since 1640 that is when 1,700 copies of the 'Bay Psalm Book' were published in the colonies. It was a gamble and they guessed right because it sold out of the print run. And ever since then, it has been a crap shoot."
 — NY Times, May 13, 2007, The Great Mystery: Making a Best Seller



"When you sell someone a book, you don't sell him twelve ounces of paper, and ink and glue — you sell him a whole new life."
Christopher Morley with thanks to SquareOne Publishers for their bookmark



"Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up."
Stephen King



"The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books."
 — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



"Two things have always been true about the book publishing world: everyone who is in it loves to complain about it, and there is always someone, somewhere, who wants to get into it."
(from The Impossible Business, Ken Auletta, New Yorker Magazine)



"The right information at the right time is nine-tenths of any battle."
 — Abraham Lincoln



"It really is a complete gamble. All you have to go on is your instinct and my feeling is if you are going to gamble, you might as well gamble big."
Jonathan Karp, Twelve Publishers, Publishers Weekly



Mr.Sterling (publisher for Holt & Co.) says he agrees that book publishing, for all its planning, remains a roll of the dice. "I still marvel that despite everything we do, we just don't know. It's the wonderful thing and the agonizing thing about the business."
Wall Street Journal, Oct. 16, 2006



"I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and look at it, until it begins to shine."
Emily Dickinson



"Words dazzle and deceive because they are mimed by the face. But black words on a white paper are the soul laid bare."
Guy de Maupassant



"You can't give a Website as a gift."
Susan Bolotin, Workman Publishers editor in chief in The Lonely Stand of Print Reference in Publishers Weekly


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